Cellfire launches the First Digital Grocery Coupon Syndication Program for Smartphone applications

San Jose, Calif. – June 3, 2010 – Cellfire Inc. today launched QMobile Coupons, the first electronic coupon syndication platform developed for iPhone™ and Android™ mobile applications. QMobile Coupons is a new way for mobile application developers and brands to provide valuable grocery coupon offers to the rapidly expanding mobile audience. Consumers can easily discover and save coupons to their grocery store savings card anytime and anywhere within the convenience of their popular mobile applications. Cellfire has secured several partnerships with leading applications such as ShopSavvy, Grocery Gadget and Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant.

The growth of smart phone users has led to a proliferation of mobile applications. Recently, comScore published that almost 29 percent of the 234 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. downloaded applications in the first calendar quarter of 2010. According to an ABI Research report, the number of mobile applications downloaded in 2010 will be almost 6 billion, doubling last year's total of 2.4 billion. The iTunes application store has over 200,000 applications, while the Android Marketplace is growing quickly at over 50,000 offerings.

QMobile Coupons is another industry first for Cellfire, bringing electronic grocery coupon distribution to smart phone application developers for the first time. QMobile Coupons helps developers monetize their apps, while also offering value to their end users. Integration of QMobile Coupons is easy and can be customized with other Cellfire syndication suite tools, such as QFinder Coupons, Cellfire's content discovery APIs.

The QMobile Coupons platform was developed using the latest Web browser technology including Webkit, CSS, and HTML5 toolboxes. Today, Cellfire has the largest grocery network in the country, extending its couponing program to more than 30 grocery chains across 4,500 locations nationwide. For more information about QMobile Coupons and Cellfire's "Q" coupon syndication suite, please visit

"We're very excited to bring grocery coupons to the hundreds of thousands of busy moms who use Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant to manage their hectic day-to-day lives," said Al Eisaian, CEO and Co-Founder of IconApps, "Saving money is important to moms, and we're excited to partner with Cellfire to offer this valuable feature."

Alexander Muse, Co-Founder of ShopSavvy adds, "More than 5.5 million savvy shoppers use ShopSavvy® each month to scan barcodes for everything from tuna fish to plasma TVs. By incorporating Cellfire's QMobile Coupons platform, our users will be able to discover and use grocery coupons without leaving the ShopSavvy experience."

"Thanks to tight integration between Flixoft's shopping solutions and the Cellfire platform, our shoppers can now save big with coupons," said Anatoliy Babayev, CTO and Co-Founder of Flixoft. "The Grocery Gadget® mobile application and online portal help shoppers view coupons that are highly relevant to their shopping list content, and add those deals to their supermarket savings cards with a single click."

"Cellfire continues to develop exciting ways for grocery shoppers to find and use electronic coupons," said Robert Drescher, CEO of Cellfire. "With QMobile Coupons, consumers can now use their favorite mobile apps to find great discounts, when they want and within a familiar context. The platform is also another example of our dedication to offering new, effective channels for brands and retailers to deliver promotions through mobile media."

About Cellfire®

Cellfire is the leading provider of electronic and mobile coupon solutions in the U.S. The company provides merchants and brands an interactive, targeted, and secure solution to reach and engage customers anytime, anywhere with the device of choice. Cellfire offers consumers convenient savings from leading brands, grocers, and other retailers at over 6,000 locations nationwide. Cellfire users can find coupons through the Web at, or anywhere on-the-go with Cellfire's award-winning mobile application. Cellfire is a free service, although standard data or usage charges may apply when using the program with a mobile device, depending on the carrier or data plan. Founded in 2005, Cellfire is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, visit

About Big in Japan Inc.

Big in Japan Inc. is a Dallas-based company behind the technology that allows consumers to scan barcodes with their smartphones. Big in Japan's ShopSavvy application – a personal shopping assistant – is one of the most popular barcode scanning applications on the iPhone and Android-based phones with more than 5.5 million users. Big in Japan's barcode reading technology is also incorporated into hundreds of mobile applications built by companies like CBS Interactive, CNET and PriceGrabber.

About Flixoft, Inc.

Flixoft, Inc. is a U.S. developer of Internet-based smart phone solutions including the top-selling productivity application, Grocery Gadget. Grocery Gadget offers a unique sync technology between multiple smart phones, and through its web-based portal integration platform. For additional information, please visit

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IconApps was founded on the idea of using the power of the mobile web in helping people manage and simplify their lives. Our objective is to deliver mobile applications to enhance the lives of our customers. Our flagship app, Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant, provides busy moms an easy and fun way to save time and money with a location-smart, intuitive personal assistant that's available anywhere, 24/7 at the touch of a button. IconApps is a private company in Pasadena, CA.